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Wearing A Woman’s Watch: A How-To Guide

The 3927 from the Symphony Collection.

The market tends to focus on men’s watches, but the wide world of women’s watches deserves attention.

While the same functions are found in both men’s and women’s watches, the decision-making process for how to wear them varies. While folks debate over the proper wrist to wear a watch on, there isn’t as much interest in variation and surprising style choices in men’s watches. Style is still a top concern, but it takes a backseat to more traditional shapes and finishes.


When considering a watch to wear—whether men’s, women’s, or unisex—a few rules apply across all forms. Stainless steel link bracelets go well with just about everything, from business to casual, whereas leather bands are best matched to your specific outfit. Women’s watches build on these basic fashion truisms in ways that are both exciting and revelatory, especially with a few tips on how to dazzle with these unique styles.

As an example: have you ever seen a Mother of Pearl dial under a sleeve? This striking material is best worn when it can be seen—half of the allure of a Mother of Pearl finish is the way it sparkles in the light. Try pairing a Mother of Pearl dial with a sleeveless dress and matching clutch, and see how a watch can go from accessory to necessary.

Style in women’s watches is very diverse, so don’t be afraid to embrace your own preferences. People tend to debate diamonds and crystals on a dial—some prefer the understated elegance of a single diamond, while others want to see that sparkle—but the truth is that it’s up to personal preference. If you like the way a studded seconds-hand subdial looks, then chances are it’ll look great when you wear it because you’re wearing it with confidence. Find what moves you, and build an outfit from there!

The 3927 from the Symphony Collection.
Wearing a Mother of Pearl dial like the one found on the 3927 is the perfect way to accessorize without overpowering your look.


Watches as an accessory have the luxury of added variation. They can be worn on the inside and outside of the wrist, they come in cases of all sizes, and replaceable bands mean that you can customize well beyond the basic build. Women’s watches are no different, so it’s important to remember your basic watch facts when choosing the perfect watch to wear. Automatic watches will have a raised profile off of the wrist, making them more commanding but also bulkier as an accessory. Stainless steel link bracelets should be sized to your wrist before wearing out. Mechanical watches require regular winding to work properly. The basics of owning watches remains the same, regardless of gender.

This opens up the possibility to be bold in your styling with unisex watches. Oversized watch dials, particularly on lightweight quartz watches, have become the latest trend for women’s wrists around the world. These watches, usually 40mm and above, make an eye-catching addition to a casual outfit.

But there’s plenty to celebrate in what’s already available in women’s watches. Double-wrap straps, such as on the Deauville Sport 568, are fun ways to freshen your wardrobe while keeping your time close at hand. Paired with a few extra bangles, a double-wrap strap can seamlessly integrate into your favorite outfit and elevate it. Chain bracelets, like our Vogue 588, are a classy way to accessorize for formal wear and blend trendy fashion with timekeeping.

Stainless steel bands like the one on the Valentina 3910 ensure a comfortable fit with maximum style.


When looking for a woman’s watch to wear, the style and fit are top concerns. But as with every fashion choice, it comes down to a personal decision. When you find an outfit or accessory that inspires you, a wardrobe builds around it.

That’s why it’s not only okay to experiment with accessories, it’s encouraged! Change which wrist you wear your watch on, try an oversized dial, wear it on the inside of your wrist—whatever makes you feel your most stylish is the way to go. It’s also okay to think outside of the wrist. For instance: try putting a pocket watch on a stainless steel necklace to make a showstopping pendant that’s functional and unique. When it comes to you and your time, the possibilities are endless.