A flawlessly orchestrated mix of innovative function and expressive form working in perfect harmony.
A wise person once said, “Life’s too short for just one watch” (or, if they didn’t say that, they should have). So if you’re one of those types whose life can’t be defined by one look, you should look into our Symphony Collection. Like it’s namesake, every timepiece—from classically inspired quartz models to deeply detailed dive watches—is as stunningly designed and crafted as a fine-tuned instrument. Yet when they all come together, the result is a exquisitely composed collection that’s sure to be music to your—and everyone else’s—eyes. At this point we were planning on using other music metaphors like the fact that they’re a “perfect medley of form and function” or “so striking that your friends are sure to take note,” but it’s beginning to feel like we’re overplaying the whole musical thing. So instead, let’s just say if you’re ready for your wrist to sing a new tune, the Symphony Collection is ready for you.