If you’re like most of the 15 million Stührling owners out there, odds are you’re the kind of person that views a watch as a way to tell your story—as well as the time.

So what better brand to trust with your story than a brand with a rich story all its own?


Stührling is a brand that built its name on 15 years of producing watches, made with the kind of quality and authenticity-obsessed “cred” that became our DNA—and the playbook for most every watch brand that’s launched since 2002.

So rather than show you beautiful people paid to wear our watches, we prefer to just show you our beautiful watches. Case in point, the Tourbillon that started it all.

Sure, Chaim Fischer, our Founder & SEO (Stührling Executive Officer), could’ve chosen a less-challenging watch movement to launch his vision. But Chaim wanted to “start at the top”—especially once the “elites” told him there was only one place on the planet capable of producing tourbillons.

Rather than lowering his sights, Chaim set out to prove them wrong—by assembling a first-rate team of watchmaking legends and founding a new place that, despite being a hemisphere away, was still the first choice of everyone from Apple to Bose for the reliable precision manufacturing needed to produce their brand-defining products.

The result? A groundbreaking tourbillon collection, at an equally groundbreaking price.


While those tourbillons swiftly sold out, Chaim’s commitment to authenticity with an attitude bordering on audacity didn’t. That’s why a full range of complications—including open-heart/skeletons, chronographs, dive watches, dress watches and dual-time/travel watches—quickly followed Stührling’s tourbillon debut.

Could Chaim have “sold out” and used beautiful people and places to sell his watches, instead of beautifully crafted dials, movements, and cases? Oh yeah—and he would’ve sold way more watches (and in the process, his soul and vision). Luckily he didn’t, and to this day Stührling continues to be the standard for seriously crafted timepieces at seriously grounded prices.

So if you’re expecting to be dazzled by quasi-exotic locations or beachwear—pretty much everything but watches—please accept our apologies in advance, because that’s not how we roll.

On the other hand, if your turn ons include authenticity, artistry, and the kind of audacity that’s synonymous with our Park Slope location (a pretty exotic place in its own right), then welcome to Stührling.