Mechanical watches built with precision and unparalleled expertise.
Engineered for anyone who’s ever wistfully thought “they don’t make ’em like they used to,” the Legacy Collection doesn’t just bring to mind a serious level of craft, it brings it front and center by making it part of the watch’s presentation. The result? Even the minutest mechanical detail is now pulling double duty as a design element as well.

Batteries? Our power—like that of any legendary and lasting movement—comes from within. Yet those who know guts also know the glory of wearing a watch that’s telling time by gears mechanically “talking”—first to each other, then to the hour, minute and second hands.

Luciano 371B Automatic 47mm Skeleton

MSRP: $1,625.00$1,750.00

Vintage 6053 Hand-wind 47mm Skeleton

MSRP: $425.00$1,095.00