Stührling History

A watch may be a tool for telling time, but in the hands of a skilled watchmaker, it becomes a work of art - something to be admired. For hundreds of years the watch represented wealth and status, a luxury available only to society's elite. As technology improved, they became commonplace. However, a few old souls live on today, and they strive to recapture the centuries-old spirit of watchmaking. Because of them, masterfully crafted timepieces have resurfaced; each one is inspired by the "old world" but built using modern machinery.

Stuhrling Original is at the forefront of this renaissance. The company's origins date back to the 1800s. However, following the company's rebirth in 1999, it has since designed and developed thousands of watch models that bear the mark of horological history. The Delphi Family, for example, features timepieces with skeletonized dials and automatic movements - homage to the early 1900's when the first skeleton watch was produced. Many of them also include a triple-step bezel, which is inspired by the Art Deco phenomenon that flourished during the 30s and 40s.

Stuhrling Original takes a great deal of pride in its dedication, passion, and creativity, all of which is necessary to achieve top quality standards in manufacturing each watch model. Each case design is engineered from scratch, from idea to paper, paper to rendering, and finally, from rendering to reality. Stuhrling uses the highest quality materials: 316L surgical-grade stainless steel, top grain genuine leather, and custom-molded silicone rubber straps. Limited edition and premiere timepieces, including those with tourbillon movements, make use of more exotic materials, including ceramic cases, genuine crocodile and alligator straps, and Swiss-made movements.


Stührling Xtreme!

Stuhrling Xtreme is designed to make a statement. It tells the world that you are not afraid of change and progress, that a quality watch is more than an accessory for telling time; it is an extension of your personality. A Stuhrling Xtreme timepiece is created with aesthetics and functionality in mind, utilizing top-of-the-line technology to create some of the most fascinating case and dial configurations. Each custom-engineered timepiece is treated with a unique physical vapor deposition technique that creates incredibly vivid executions like blazing red and midnight blue. These timepieces are built large and tough to complement a sporty lifestyle.

Stührling Prestige

Stuhrling Original is proud to uphold the Swiss standards of watchmaking with every timepiece. With Stuhrling Prestige, we've refined our processes to put our skills to the test. Quality timepieces must begin with quality materials. Everything, from the solid stainless steel of the cases and bracelets to the top grain leather for the straps, have been hand selected by our master watchmakers in Switzerland ‑ Stuhrling Prestige timepieces are all Swiss made! Each model is custom designed and engineered, then inspected through up to 30 checkpoints to ensure quality, accuracy, and functionality. These works of art don't just pique the interests of the most avid watch collectors; they are accessible to those new to watch culture and horology.
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