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The Stuhrling Wind-Up

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Special Reserve Collection

There comes a time when you must step up your game. That instant when you are given one shot to look your finest and one chance to deliver a memorable, lasting impression. It’s that defining moment of your fashion credibility. Leave your mark with the Stuhrling Special Reserve. Known for its extravagance and comfort, this …

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RT what your skill is. #Baselworld #Stuhrling ow.ly/i/554tw

RT @Evolve_Insanity: My new watch courtesy of @stuhrlingwatch http://t.co/rfS1hYANQg

What make you #persistence to wear a #Stuhrling? ow.ly/i/53iC9

So why do you wear a watch? Is it just to tell time? We didn’t think so. #Basel


This must be the birthday season. Happy Birthday Connie!Photos of Stührling OriginalMy new birthday timepiece! I love it!

Congratulations to Joseph on winning his new Stuhrling!Photos of Stührling OriginalJust got my winning Stührling! Love it!

What unique skills do you have?

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