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Condor 1129Q

Worn by only the most elite of pilots, the Aviator 1129Q  daringly elevates the art of watch-wearing to uncharted new heights. Ascend to fashion’s zenith with its prism-framed noon indicator and sharp, spirited number display. This reliable and resilient timepiece has become a staple in the eyes of savvy air aficionados, as well as the …

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@FeedTheGoose It's a nice watch and the automatic movement makes it even cooler.

@zoomber You can buy a new strap here ow.ly/DdFAz or you can contact customerservice@stuhrling.com and they'll guide you.

@hpierce13 Happy it worked out!

@MixedNoah Their back from vacation. You can contact them via customerservice@stuhrling.com


#Duplex 153A #Legacy Collection Whose Yin & Yang in your life?

This is a smart man!Photos of Stührling OriginalIf u wana have a good time of your life buy a good watch mmm so I did :)

What's your Legacy? #Executive 133

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